The show will be helmed by director, Douglas Harms.  Who’s that guy, you ask?

Douglas directed Catastroph, an independent feature film and also co-wrote the feature Dog Years, distributed by Troma Pictures.  He has written several spec screenplays and has worked as a screenwriter for Braun Entertainment Group.  His work on the very successful broadband twelve-part series The Money Shot, was recognized by the Directors Board of Broadband Motion Picture Arts and Technologies, with a nomination for its Annual Pixie awards, which honored achievements in online and broadband motion picture production.  The Money Shot also received favorable reviews by an established New York Times critic.

Notably, his short film Oblivion was a finalist nominee in the 1992, 19th Annual Student Academy Awards, a program of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  His many short films have also received recognition at several Southwestern Film Festivals in Scottsdale, the University of Colorado Arts Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival, a MTV Short Film award as well as a program slot on the Bravo Channel shorts program.

Douglas spent many years paying his film and television industry dues in Los Angeles working as an Assistant Production Coordinator for NBC and CBS movies of the week.  He worked as a consultant in the early internet years helping to refine the use of video conferencing and live broadband broadcasting.  He also worked as a Video Assist Operator for various shoots, including the KCET/American Playhouse feature film Roosters starring Edward James Olmos.  In 1998 he wrote and directed a television commercial spot for an Arizona political candidate’s campaign.  He also worked as a coordinator for the Hallmark Channel’s on-air promotions department.

Currently, Douglas is in post-production as the producer on the short film The Ghosts of Light, written and directed by lifetime friend and editor of Bubba Ho-Tep, Donald Milne.

IMDB Profile:  Douglas Harms