Douglas Harms, Joe D’Leon and Paul Morelli

Show Creators of Ball and Chain, the SeriesThe creators and producers of the comedic webseries Ball and Chain are Douglas Harms, Joe D’Leon and Paul Morelli.  Joe and Paul, self-described as two retired working stiffs; caught the entertainment bug when too many late nights on the same graveyard shift turned to passing time by bantering about ideas for film and tv concepts – it was that or throw darts at each other all night.  That chatter turned to reality when they finally sat down and wrote their first of many screenplays together.  Eventually, they met Douglas Harms and twisted his arm into doing rewrites with them.  Since then the three have written the fully developed sitcom Gated Community, a raunchy in your face off-beat ensemble comedy; which is ready to shoot as a pilot.  Ball and Chain the Series, with a similar comedic sensibility to Gated Community, is meant to showcase their talents in hopes of pursuing more robust projects in the future.

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