Episode 1: “The Other Side”

The guys’ weekly night out is spoiled by bachelor Josh’s latest tale of sexual conquest; Mike has a fantasy that turns ugly.

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Episode 2: “Know Your Place”

Larry’s plans for cheating on Susan backfire in a big way. Paco and Michael decide it’s better to bow down than to stand up.

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Episode 3: “Good Luck, Buddy”

The guys ruin a young couple’s marriage proposal; Maria catches Paco looking at another woman.

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Episode 4: “The Wives”

During the guys’ weekly night out, the wives meet for wine and have some stories of their own to share.

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Episode 5: “Bromantics”

The guys plan to mix romance and sports betting, but it doesn’t fly with the wives.

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Episode 6: “Digits”

The guys bet their wives they can still get phone numbers from the ladies.

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Episode 7: “Tickets”

The guys make the mistake of going to the movies without their families.

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Episode 8: “Dear Mike”

Despite help from the guys, Michael’s world unravels when Helen leaves him.